Swalings Swimming

This website was a fairly complicated process but one I am very proud of. I worked with the client over a number of weeks in order to create their desired outcome and you can see the result in the preview box or click the link here. There are all sorts of features implemented into the website including image sliders, testimonial sliders and toggle boxes (a feature to show a description when clicked).

Adam Eason

We have had a long relationship with Adam Eason, a hypnotherapist from Bournemouth. Therefore, this website is one of our oldest ones which has changed overtime but remains a simplistic appearance. You can view it in the preview box or click the link here. The website is mainly used for blog purposes which can be useful for SEO (google status) and giving customers a personal account of yourself which will represent your products or advertise yourself.

Derek Arden

Derek Arden specialises in negotiation speaking and does a lot of conferences. It was important to showcase him as a confident businessman as well as providing a lot of his work. You can view it in the preview box or click the link here. This website has a lot of media and even some products to buy on it. The main purpose of the website is to try and get the customer to contact Derek if they are interested in working with him.

Other Websites

Hypnosis Weekly

The hypnosis Weekly website is primarily for a frequent podcast that Adam Eason produces. It is updated frequently to give listeners the latest podcast which in turn makes it more interesting. You can view the website by clicking here. We use a podcast system that will automatically upload to Itunes and all the latest podcast websites and apps.

DF Plant Hire

This simple website didn’t take as long to set up and is a more basic website that can be produced in a shorter amount of time but it is also aesthetically pleasing. You can view the website by clicking here. The website uses features such as photo sliders and photo galleries to show off the clients work. It is also clear how to contact the client for inquiries.