TMW Media Logo

The TMW Media logo is simplistic and shows the theme colours clearly. Another subtle aspect of this design is that it looks like a tower and almost shows signals coming off it. This represents the idea that that the website is geared towards electronic signals suggesting the logo is for a technical company. The other factor about this logo is that it shows TMW with the M and W rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

Hypnosis Geek Logo

The Hypnosis Geek logo was a way Adam Eason has decided to go for his business. It was important to implement some sort of Geek aspect to the image and therefore I added glasses to the logo. I also found a way to change the eyes to e’s in a simple and subtle way.

Hypnosis Weekly Logo

The Hypnosis Weekly logo is simple but effective. This logo is for a hypnosis podcast site (created for Adam Eason) so we knew it needed to be a memorable and standout logo. We used a unique italic font to express that it was the podcast consists of numerous quotes given from different individuals. The background colours are linked towards Adam’s style and we feel it works well with the font of the logo.

AE College Logo

The Anglo European College Of Therapeutic Hypnosis logo is more complicated and has a more medical aspect to it. The logo is for a teacher training website (created for Adam Eason) where hypnotherapists or non-hypnotherapists can sign up to a course tutored by himself. It was important to show a more professional approach to this design. It also has a scholarship feel to it as ultimately the participant will gain a qualification at the end of each course.

Negotiators Podcast Logo

The Negotiators Podcast logo is is again, simple but effective created for Derek Arden. It is firstly clear to see an N and a P. The second more subtle element is that the logo looks like a pair of headphones which relates to the podcast.

Hypnosis For Download Advert

This image presents more work we did for Adam Eason, a hypnotherapist who has tons of hypnosis audios for people to buy at a cheap price. This edition showcases 7 brand new tracks. As non of the tracks had much relevance to each other, we thought it was best to present them in a relaxing environment. Even though the effects are subtle, they are effective which allows the viewer to see the image as if the products were actually there. For instance the shadows match up and fade into the environment. Also, all of the additions are bright to suit the environment as well. 

Inner Circle Advert

The Inner Circle advert is purely meant for people interest in Adam Eason (a hypnotherapist trainer). This advert corresponds with the colour scheme of the website that it is meant for. The text is very clear against the back drop and the “Inner Circle” part with the flames around it suggests that it’s exciting to be involved in the circle of hypnotherapists. The rounded edges or radius also gives the perception that it’s a button and it’s therefore clickable.

Affiliate Advert

This advert has a lot of deep meaning. First of all the black to white contrast of the text allows the viewer to read it clearly and instantly understand what the advert is about. The next obvious element is the colour in the background. This suggests that there is a sudden explosion of activity which correlates with the text proposing that making money by getting 50% commission is a big deal. The colour also has great contrast with the black and white elements. Finally the woman smiling in black and white suggests the outcome if the viewer was to take this deal.